Our philosophy is to remain constantly up to date in order to achieve continuous improvement for our processes and to be more efficient. To operate in accordance with the regulations and laws in the country where we are operating, and carry out our activities with ethics, honesty, and in accordance with our corporate values.


Our corporate values are at the heart of everything we do. These foundations express our belief and way of working; hence the importance of working correctly, with integrity and honesty, and in that way we are able to provide an integral service which includes responsibility and ethics in every area of our organization.


The trust and good relationship we have with our suppliers, at all times based on respect and mutual understanding, allows us to provide the highest possible quality and deliveries which are in order and on time, together with sustainable innovation.


As part of our values, Envases Europe has firm objectives to contribute to the sustainability of the planet, among others seeking a significant reduction in our carbon footprint, guaranteeing in 2023 a minimum of 40% use of energy from renewable sources in all our factories, percentage that we will increase in subsequent years as part of our roadmap.


  • Mutual respect and trust

  • Honesty and solidarity

  • Our values and our human resources

  • The capacity to adapt

  • Our technological capacity


The implementation of Quality Management (ISO 9001), Environment (ISO 14001), Safety (ISO 45001) and Food Safety (BRCGS Packaging Materials) management systems subject to external certification audits that ensure the processes and our commitment to continuous improvement and compliance with the regulations in force.